Managing Company of «BELSTROYCENTR-HOLDING» Republican unitary enterprise «Belstroycentr»

General Director Vyacheslav Turov

  • Completed implementation of engineering services including technical supervision in construction;
  • Attestation of managers and specialists for the construction works in Belarus and Russia; Attestations of companies and individuals for implementation of construction works;
  • Certification of construction works;
  • Estimation of the production control system;
  • Consulting services in the field of development of a quality management system;
  • Catalog of construction materials, products, structures and equipment for use in construction, produced by the Belarusian companies, —;
  • Staffing monitoring of the construction industry;
  • Organization of scientific-practical workshops, consultations, trainings; Publishing department.



JSC «Grodnopromstroy»

General director Abdulvagab Vagabov

Construction of industrial, civil, municipal objects, healthcare facilities. Production of ferroconcrete constructions. Construction works. Facade works. Design works. Complex works for landscaping of the cities. Management of activities of subordinate enterprises. Services of general contractor for construction works.


Labor Red Banner Order of JSC «Gomelpromstroy»

General director Sergey Mamchenko

Construction of buildings and structures for industrial, civil and social purposes, production of construction materials, commissioning works in the field of electrical measurements. Implementation of a complex of works on installation of different types of foundations, including the bored, pile. Construction of frames of buildings and fencing from modular ferroconcrete, metal structures, reinforced concrete. Implementation a complex of works on the device of internal engineering systems. All kinds of finishing works. Execution of works on improvement, vertical planning, roads constructions, protection of structures against corrosion, waterproofing operations, external engineering networks, commissioning of engineering systems.


JSC «Construction Trust № 8»

General director Pavel Sacuta

Civil and industrial construction in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Design works. Shared construction of apartments and offices. Providing engineering services. Design, production, installation and sale of modular individual and public houses under Austrian technology performed by permanent formwork. Industrial production. Geodetic and topographical works. Implementation of the wholesale and retail trade.


JSC «Trust Beltransstroy»

Acting director Egor Nemerchuk

Construction and reconstruction of railway lines, nodes and stations, electrification of a railway lines, construction of airports, river ports, industrial, housing and civil, social and cultural buildings.


JSC «Construction Trust № 3 of the Order of the October Revolution»

General director Sergey Drojdenyuk

Construction of industrial, civil, cultural and agricultural objects, healthcare facilities etc. Construction works for construction and capital repairs of buildings. Excavations during the construction of buildings and structures. Installation of buildings coating floor and wall painting. Electrical installation of buildings; metal constructions; internal engineering systems of buildings and constructions of all kinds; wooden structures; stone and reinforced structures; light frame structures; external networks and constructions of all kinds; precast concrete and reinforced concrete constructions; steel constructions. Manufacture of plaster, joinery and carpentry, painting and decorating. Construction and capital repairs of pipelines. Thermal insulation works. Plumbing equipment. Implementation of monolithic concrete and ferroconcrete designs. Landscaping and gardening.


JSC «Construction Trust № 2»

General director Nikolay Kovalko

Construction of housing and civil objects for industrial, agricultural and municipal destination. Construction and repair works, reconstruction of buildings and structures. Production of sanitary and electrical works. Manufacture of builders carpentry and joinery. Production of precast concrete and concrete structures, building blocks, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar dry mixes. Manufacture of metal products and products made of wire. Design and construction of buildings and structures 1-4 complexity class and conducting engineering surveys for these purposes.


JSC «Neftezavodmontazh»

General director Alexander Yalovik

Providing the general contractor functions. Construction works. Installation (repair, production, diagnostics, adjustment) of technical devices used at risky production facilities. Activities in the field of fire safety. Production of lumber. Transportation of passengers and cargo. Quality control of welded joints and base metal. Work on the construction of buildings and structures in Russian Federation. Electrical work (the whole set of works, including the explosion and fire risk areas).

gomel domostroy kombinat

JSC «Gomel House-building Plant»

General director Alexander Goncharov

Civil construction of apartment buildings. Sale of apartments. Construction of utilities (water, fecal sewage, drainage, heating, telephones, electricity, gas). Landscaping. Production and sale of concrete, concrete products and building materials.


JSC «Promtehmontazh»

General director Vasilij Latyshonok

Implementation of construction and special works, production of construction, technology, special metal structures and products for industrial and civil construction, capital construction, expansion, reconstruction and repair of buildings and facilities, including the facilities of chemical, oil and gas, petrochemical and oil refining, metallurgy, food and other industries, as well as for facilities of trunk pipeline transportation, including realization of a general contractor’s functions.


JSC «Mogilevtehmontazh»

General director Semen Birger

Installation of the process equipment and pipelines, production and installation of metal constructions, ventilation and air conditioning systems, hot and cold heating systems, heat supply, gas supply systems, and other works. Manufacturing of metal constructions, with a possibility of implementing a full cycle production - kitting metal products, manufacture of metal structures and mounting it on the object.


JSC «Gomeltehmontazh»

General director Gennadiy Avtsin

Installation and production of pipe assemblies and pipelines for gas, heat, water supply and technological purposes. Installation and production of metal structures. Installation of the processing equipment. Heat treatment of welds, quality control of welded joints by physical methods. Attestation of gas and electric welders.


JSC «Belelectromontazh»

General director Pavel Petrushin

Realization of electric installation and commission works. Manufacturing of electrical products. Supply with electrical equipment, materials and cabel products.


JSC «Belteploizolyatsiya»

General director Ilia Kirshchenia

Implementation of complex works on thermal insulation systems engineering, equipment and pipelines; thermal insulation of building structures, thermal protection of external walls of buildings and constructions, etc. work related to the conservation of heat and cold; soundproofing systems engineering, sound attenuation; corrosion protection of steel structures, piping and equipment; sandblasting of metal structures from rust, the processing of constructions with flame retardants; installation and waterproofing of roofs.

trest belsantehmontaj

JSC «Belsantehmontazh-2»

General director Gasimov Rahman Isabala ogli

Construction-Assembly works in the field of sanitary and technical equipment of buildings and constructions: ventilation, heating, plumbing, sewage system, heating, air conditioning, gas, refrigeration.

belarus managment mehanisation

JSC «Belarusian mechanization managing company»

General director Oleg Bogdan

Renting of construction machinery with a crew to perform construction works, installation and special works, including Caterpillar cranes, wheel-mounted on trailers, road course; car lifts, bulldozers, excavators, pipelaying.

managment mehanisation 79

JSC «Mechanization managing company № 79»

Director Aleksei Schuckii

A wide range of services related to rental and maintenance of lifting equipment: cranes, truck cranes, hoists, mast climbing platforms, etc.

managment mehanisation 79

Republican unitary enterprise «Sertis»

Director Galina Syritsa

The attestation of conformity (certification, declaration) of production, works and buildings; evaluation of the production control system; assessment of suitability, the issuance of technical certificates; quality control and testing when carrying out construction works; testing of construction materials and products, including current European norms (materials, insulation, cladding; concretes, mortars, fillers; paving stones and others).