The company implemented a quality management system and in 2015 it won the first prize in contest “The best exporter of the year” in nomination “Machine engineering and Metalworking”.

At present OJSC “Naftan” is a large petrochemical complex which produces various types of fuels, lube oils and bitumens, aromatic hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

Vacuum block of “Visbreaking” and low temperature isomerization unit are already in operation. Reconstruction of hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking units continues. Because of the increased volume of crude product, which undergoes refining, hydrogen production unit will be constructed.

Construction of a delayed coking unit with capacity of 1.6 million tons per year will ensure production of additional amounts of light petroleum products (equivalent processing 1.3-1.5 million tons of oil) and petroleum coke.


Over the past few years the quality of Naftan fuels has been brought into compliance with European specifications. Naftan produces AI-92 and AI-95 gasolines and increases the production of the main export product - diesel fuel, which complies with Euro-5 standard.

Diversification of product range and oil production modernization continues. Among the latest innovations there are all-season oils "Naftan Garant” (SJ / CD) and “Naftan Premier” (SL / CF) which are manufactured using the formula and additives from leading manufacturers.

Work on launching in manufacture the oils with modern additive packages by JLLC "LLK-Naftan" is in progress. New approaches will allow to produce base oils of higher classification groups, which are the analogues of expensive imported products.