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Belarus construct the largest mining and processing plant for the production of potash fertilizers in Turkmenistan. The construction of the Garlyk mining and processing plant in Turkmenistan will be completed in March 2017 and by the 2017 the plant will have reached the designed capacity of fertilizers’ production, it will be 1.4 million metric tons of fertilizers per year.

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The Garlyk mining and processing plant is a large-scale turnkey project, where Belarusian specialists are responsible for all the construction stages: from its designing to the equipment. It has about 140 facilities on site. And these are not just some separate buildings or structures. They are all tied up technologically by underground cables and pipelines. The main work began four years ago. Today the facility employs approximately 400 construction workers from Belarus. It is planned that about 300 more specialists will be involved in installation works. The general construction works are practically finished.